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dc.contributor.authorKilemi, Ritah Ndunge-
dc.description.abstractFraudulent claims have been increasing despite the presence of the internal control systems. Specific objectives of this study were; to examine the influence of employee motivation to fraudulent claims in selected core insurance companies in Nairobi, Kenya; to assess the influence of Service providers to fraudulent claims in selected core insurance and explore the influence of automated internal controls to fraudulent claims in core insurance. This study was grounded on rational choice and activities theories. This study adopted descriptive research design. Target population was 35 Main Insurance companies in Nairobi. Purposive sampling was used in selecting the study area and unit of analysis. The sample size was 136 respondents. The primary data for this study was collected using the questionnaire. Descriptive statistics such as means, standard deviation and frequency distribution were used to analyze the data to establish the extent to factors influencing fraudulent claims in core insurance companies. Inferential statistics, correlation analysis, regression and factor analysis were also used. The findings revealed Main insurance companies experience inadequacy of Information Technology equipment Information Technology department was rated poor in terms of fraud management. The results revealed that employee motivation had insignificant negative effects on fraudulent claims in Main insurance companies. From regression results, poor service provision resulted into significant negative effect on fraudulent claims in insurance companies. The result revealed that automated internal controls and service provision has significant influence on fraudulent claims. The study concluded that employee motivation had significant influence on fraudulent claims. The study concluded that poor service provision due to unprofessional and lack of adherence to code of ethics and increase in corruption led to significant increase in fraudulent claims. The study also concluded that automate systems control had a significant influence on fraudulent claims in core insurance companies. This study recommend that insurance companies to constantly evaluate the levels of their employees‟ motivation and focus on staff training to improve on knowledge transfers on detecting frauds.en_US
dc.publisherEgerton Universityen_US
dc.subjectFraudulent claims -- Insurance companiesen_US
dc.titleFactors influencing fraudulent claims by employees in selected main insurance companies in Nairobi, Kenyaen_US
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