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Title: Cases and incidences of violence against men in Township Ward of Nyamira County, Kenya
Authors: Obegi, Monicah Kerubo
Keywords: Violence against men
Issue Date: Nov-2017
Publisher: Egerton University
Abstract: This study sought to examine the cases and incidences of violence against men in township ward of Nyamira County, Kenya. Specifically this study analyzed the causes, consequences and management strategies of violence against men. Despite numerous studies that report the preponderance of violence is perpetrated by men against women, other empirical studies suggest that rates of violence by women and men are equivalent. In recent years, a serious debate has erupted among activists, activist organizations, and individuals about the nature of violence and, especially, the gender of the perpetrators. Increase of violence against men in Kenya led to the emergence of Maendeleo ya Wanaume, which aims at raising awareness on the increase of violence against men. Theoretical framework consisted of Social learning theory and differential association theory which were used to explain that violence is learned in relationships and the conditions favourable to violent behaviour. This was a descriptive survey study done in Nyamira Township Ward covering 96 respondents with 73 male victims selected using snow ball sampling technique and 23 key informants purposively sampled. Unit of analysis consisted of male victims of violence in Township ward. Data was collected by use of interview schedule and focus group discussions. Data was analyzed using descriptive statistics and content analysis and then presented in percentages, tables, figures, pie charts, means and standard deviation. This study has established that age, education level, income level, nature of employment, marital status significantly influenced the extent of violence the respondents experienced. Consequently, respondents who were violated suffered emotionally, sexually, physically and verbally. This study concludes that the respondents’ socioeconomic characteristics were major determinants in the violence they experienced. In terms of policy, this study recommends that the County government of Nyamira puts in place awareness programmes and also a strong social support network to encourage the help seeking behavior of the men on the violence they go through. Given the rise of violence against men across the country, this study is of the view that further study be done to cover a wider area to enhance generalization on all men across the country.
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