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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-01-01Characterization of Microbial Health Risk at Water Abstraction Points along River Njoro, KenyaYillia, P. T; Kreuzinger, N; Mathooko, J. M.; Ndomahina, E. T.
2013-01-01Analysis of the Division of Labour and Decision-making for Selected Crop Farming Activities among Maasai Agro-pastoralists of Narok North District, KenyaOywaya-Nkurumwa, A; Kathuri, J. N.; Mwangi, J. G.
2013-01-01Challenges Facing the Beekeeping Industry in Southern RangelandsKagio, S; Musembi, D. K.
2013-01-01Benthic Macro-invertebrate Diversity and Biomass Distribution in Relation to Canopy Cover and Organic Matter in River Njoro, KenyaMathooko, J. M.; M’Erimba, C. M.; Mbaka, J. G.
2013-01-01Effects of Soap Operas on Young Females’ Perception of Male-Female RelationshipsKimeu, M. N.; Mareri, L. A
2013-01-01Effect of Transgenic Bt-cotton Variety Bollgard II® 06Z604D Containing cry1Ac and cry2Ab2 Genes on Arthropod Diversity in Confined Field Trials at KARI Mwea, KenyaNjenga, G. K; Njinju, S. M; Wepukhulu, S. B; Wessels, W; Waturu, C. N; Kambo, C. M
2013-01-01Change in Water Quality Index between Two Points in a Highly Impaired River in Eastern Mau, KenyaKigen, C.; Shivoga, W. A.; Magana, A. M.
2013-01-01Are Kenyan Smallholder Irish Potato Producers Technically Efficient? Evidence from Nyandarua North DistrictNyagaka, D; Obare, G. A.; Nguyo, W.
2013-01-01Effect of Bulb Size and Spacing on the Quality and Yield of Arabicum (Ornithogalum saundersaie Bak)Kihara, S. N.,; Muriithi, A. N; Kamau, E. M; Gateri, M.W
2013-01-01Characterization of Wetland Values for Sustainable Utilization in Kisii Central District, KenyaOmweri, O. J; Obwoyere, O.; Moturi, W. N.