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Title: Jinsia Inavyowakilishwa Katika Nyimbo Za kampeni sa Kisiasa Katika Kaunti ya Bomet Nchini i Kenya
Authors: Kones, Nancy Chepkemoi
Keywords: Nyimbo za kampeni sa Kisiasa
Issue Date: Jul-2021
Publisher: Egerton University
Abstract: Songs are an effective means of communication in society. Political songs are used in Kenya during campaigns for elections of president, governors, senators, members of parliament, women representatives and members of county assemblies. General elections’ results have shown that more men than women are elected. The study analyzed how gender is represented in political campaign songs in Bomet County. The research examined if the songs contributed to the election of more men than women. The broad objective of the study was to analyze and interpret how gender is represented in political campaign songs. The specific objectives were: To interpret how the content of political campaign songs represents gender, to explain how political campaign songs present gender power relationship and to interpret how political campaign songs presents what ideology explains about gender. This research was guided by Hegemonic Masculinities theory. Its tenets are: Division of power, gender strength and societal attitudes concerning each of its members. It is a qualitative study interpretive perspective. It was carried out in Bomet County in the Rift Valley region of Kenya. The researcher collected fifty two recorded political songs. Purposive sampling was used to identify twenty two political campaign songs based on gender. Sixteen artistes sang those songs that were analyzed. Listening to recorded songs along with an interview guide were used to collect data. Intrepretive data analysis was used in this study. The results indicated that majority of the political campaign songs supported male politicians. One of the songs downgraded the female gender. Many songs bestowed higher position on men than women. Some artistes explained that this is the time to bring change in politics. The study will benefit teachers and students of Oral Literature. The society will understand how gender is represented in political campaign songs. It will be a guide to the artistes of political campaign songs as they compose their songs. Political campaigners either men or women, will guide the artistes on how to compose certain songs to be used in their political campaigns for good results.
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