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Title: Selection of chickpea(Cicer arietinum L.) genotypes adapted to the short-rain(October-December) season in the wheat zones of the Kenya Highlands
Authors: Kiptoo, arap Metto
Keywords: Chickpea
Selaction of chickpea
Issue Date: Aug-2002
Publisher: Egerton University
Abstract: Chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.), a drought tolerant grain legume is being introduced into the wheat zones of the Kenya Highlands during the short-rain season to alleviate the now serious low soil fertility attributed to continuous cereal-fallow-cereal monocropping. The study was conducted in 1998 and 1999 at Egerton University (Njoro) and Mang’u (Rongai) of Nakuru District with the purpose of identifying adapted genotypes in terms of tolerance to drought, diseases, earliness in maturity, and least response to N and P fertilizers. Six Desi (ICCVs 92944, 93118, 95011, 95138, ICCC 42 and ICCL 83122) and four Kabuli (_ICCVs 2, 95311, 95330 and 95337) types were investigated. Two experiments were set with treatments arranged as split-plots in RCBDs, replicated three times. The experimental units measured 1.5m x 3.5m and 1.2m x 3.5m for the 1“ and 2"‘, respectively. In both experiments, genotypes were randomly allotted to the sub-plots, sown one seed per hill, 5cm deep and spaced at 30cm x 10cm. The first one was on genotypes response to drought stress, where, three sowing dates, S1, S2 and S3 of 21 days interval were assigned randomly to the main plots. The second one was on genotypes response to N and P fertilizers, with 0 (NO) and 15 (N1) kg N ha", 0 (P0) and 40 (P1) kg P205 ha“ applied to the main plots as combination factors NOPO, NOP1, N 1P0 and N1P1. In 1998, the initial genotypes, cycle zero (CO) underwent initial evaluation and multiple traits selection under modest mass selection method. The best 30% plants per genotype selected were bulked to form the next cycle population, cycle one (C1). In 1999, the Cls were evaluated against their counterpart C0s.
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