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Title: Feed and nutrient intake of free-ranging chickens in Nakuru District, Kenya.
Authors: Kiprono, Birech,Elijah
Keywords: Free-ranging chickens
Issue Date: Sep-2002
Publisher: Egerton University
Abstract: A study was conducted to investigate the intake ot“ teed and nutrients hy mature hens and growing chickens‘ in high and low potential areas ot'Nakt1ru District from /\pri| I99‘) to Fellrnary 2000. The first experiment was designed to study the relationship hetween the eontenls oi" the erop ((‘(‘) and the daily teed intake (DMI) oi ehiekens in order to ohtain a method of estimating DMI ot‘ tree-ranging chickens (PRC). in this experiment, titty mature loeal hens were randomly alloeated tour diets that sinatiated the t'ree—range teed used hy IYRC namely; ml /r'lu'Inm intake ot' eonnnereial layers eoneentrate, ml Iilzilmn intake oi a t'ree—range type oi‘ diet, feeding ot‘ the t‘ree-range type oi‘ diet at 70 ‘/n oi ml lib/'/mu and feeding oi the tree-range type oi diet at 80 % oi" ml Ii/Iilmlt. The ehiekens were then slaughtered at tour-hour intervals between 7.00 am and (1.00 pm to nhtain the (‘(‘, white daily intakes were determined tront those ehiekens slaughtered at (1.00 pin. 'l'here was a signmeant eorrelation (l‘<0.l)5) between the CC and DMI at 6.00 pm. A predictive equation, DMI (g/day) = 22.44 + 2.25 x CC was then derived toiprediet DMI in the tieid. The second experiment was eondaeted to estitnate l)Ml and nntrient intakes ot“ FRC in the tieid, /\ total ot' I20 hens and growing ehiekens in the same ratio were slaughtered at the tour~hour intervals as in experiment one to ohiaia their CC. Sampling was done every two months over a period of one year in Karati and (iiehoho areas nt‘ Nakara distriet. Using the predictive equation, average DMI ot' i"R(‘ in the iield was estimated at 87.‘) g/hird for hoth eategories otehiekens. Mean inetahoiixahie energy intake (MEI) and erode protein intake (CPI) for l"R(‘ were 0.‘)! Mj/day and 9.48 g/day respectively. The ioeation, season and category otiehiekens had no signitiieant et't'eet on DMI, Mtil, CPI and the eatorie density oi diets tor l‘R(‘. it is theretore concluded that there is a signitieant eorrelation between CC and i)Mi under t'ieid conditions ol“ PRC and that the i~‘R(‘ have an ability tn ohtain a eonsistent intake oi‘ energy and protein to satisiy their rei|uit'etnents.
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