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Title: The influence of school type on academic attitueds of female students in Secondary in Nyeri District
Authors: Mwangi, Benson,Kariuki
Keywords: Education
Issue Date: Sep-2009
Publisher: Egerton University
Abstract: This study was based on the perception that different school environments may variably affect the formation and change of students’ afademic attitudes. In view of this the study sought to examine the influence of different types of secondary schools on the academic attitudes of female students. Ex-post facro research design was used because the investigator was not able to manipulate the students’ academic attitudes. The study was carried out in Nyeri district and the target population comprised of female students in girls homing, mixed day and mixed boarding secondary schools. Stratified random sampling technique was used to select seven mixed day schools, four mixed boarding xhools and five girls’ boarding schools. From each of the sampled school a simple random sampling procedure was used to select a sample of 20 form three female sttflents as respondents. The total sample comprised 331 respondents. The research instrmnent consisted of one questionnaire and the test statistics were independent sample t-test and Peamoais Correlation Coefiicient. The analysis of the data indicated that female students in girls’ boarding schools were likely to have more positive academic attitude than those in mixed boarding schools. Likewise, those in mixed day schools were found to have more positive academic attitudes than those in mixed boarding schools. Nevertheless, the results of tk data analysis showed no significant difference in academic attitudes between female students in girls’ boarding and mixed day schools. In addition, the study indicated a significant positive relationship between the frequency of seeking guidance and counselling and positive academic attitudes. The study recommended the strengthening of guidance and counselling programmes in schools in order to help female students overcome negative experiences that they are subjected to while in and out of school. Further research is necessary to examine the relationship between academic attitudes and academic performances of the female students.
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