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Title: Perception of Academic Administrators on Students' Guidance and Counselling Services in Egerton University,Kenya
Authors: Mwangala, Oliver, Walitti
Keywords: Guidance and counselling
Issue Date: Nov-2010
Publisher: Egerton University
Abstract: University students face overwhelming challenges which, if not well handled, not only affect iieir academic performance but also their career development. Universities have implemented gaidance and counselling services to assist students in addressing these challenges. To address career problems, universities also use academic departmental student advising services in addition to Student Counsellors. However, even with the involvement of the academic administrators. university studentsstill face numerous career problems indicating lack of information on careers, courses and subject abilities. This study sought to determine the perceptions of academic administrators on the effectiveness of students guidance and counseling services in public universities using a case study of Egerton University. The target population included all the 77 academic administrators in the university. A purposive sample of 66 academic administrators was drawn. Data was collected using a structured questionnaire administered to the respondents. The raw data was processed and analyzed using descriptive statistics with the aid of the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) version ll.5 for Windows. The study findings indicate that even though the university academic administrators were aware of the role of guidance and counselling services. cumulatively, the services were perceived to be averagely effective in addressing students’ needs and problems. Academic administrators were aware of the critical role that they should play in guidance and counselling of students. The increasing student population and lack of formal structures linking Guidance and Counselling unit and Academic Departments were a major challenge facing guidance and counselling services and how to overcome them. From the findings. the study recommends that academic administrators should collaborate with Guidance and Counselling unit in order to effectively provide career development services to students. There is need to come up with strategies that can foster. enhance and reinforce good working relationships and collaboration between academic administrators and Guidance and Counselling in Universities.
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