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Title: The Psychological,Social and Economic Effects of HIV and AIDS,A case of Persons Living with Infected Family members in Kaptembwo Sub-Location of Nakuru District
Authors: Mugambi, Lydia, Wanjiru
Keywords: HIV/AIDS
Issue Date: Jun-2007
Publisher: Egerton University
Abstract: HIV and AIDS is a chronic illness that forces individuals and their families to cope with an uncertain progression of the disease, complicated medication regimes and grief related to loss of family members, further complicated by the stigma accompanying infection. The purpose of this research was to provide an overview of the psychological, social as well as economic effect of HIV and AIDS on persons living with the infected family members in Kaptembwo Sub-location of Nakuru District, Rift Valley Province of Kenya. The research design was ex post facto, with the sample population being in their natural setting, and with no treatment group. The sample size constituted of 35 adults over 18 years and 35 children between l0 and 18 years, making up a total of 70 respondents, were purposively sampled, with the aid of social workers in Kaptembwo region. The instruments for data collection were questionnaires designed to gather information regarding how HIV and AIDS had affected persons living with infected family members psychologically, socially and economically. Two sets of questionnaires, one designed for the children respondents and the other for adults, were distributed with the help of social workers, and collected immediately to ensure high retums. Respondents who were too young to read and understand the questionnaire were assisted by the social workers. The data collected was analysed using SPSS for windows version ll into descriptive statistics in form of frequencies and percentages and presented by use of tables. The findings fiom the research indicated that HIV and AIDS had far reaching psychological, social and economic implications, such as, stigmatisation, trauma, stress, anxiety, helplessness, discrimination, lack of education, depletion of resources among others on the affected residents of Kaptembwo sub-location in Nakuru District. The researcher recommends the need to establish follow-upprogrammes and support groups to ofifer relief to both those living with AIDS as well as the care-takers, to avoid bum-out and infection during caretaking. There is need to increase and make affordable, the medical facilities to the poor community, to avoid depletion of resources,
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