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Title: A Comparative Study of the Optical Properties of Nematic Homologues
Authors: Rop, Ronald Kiprono
Keywords: Optical Properties -- Nematic Homologues
Issue Date: May-1998
Publisher: Egerton University
Abstract: In recent years, a large number of nematogenic compounds have been synthesized in view of their immense potential with regard to applications in the display industry. Nematic liquid crystals are widely applied in the industry because of a wide range of appropriate suitable physical properties. ln the display industry it is essential to make suitable choices of materials with requisite physical properties such as wide mesomorplric ranges around room temperature and good thermal stability. However, clear-cut guidelines for making such choices are not available. A simple but useful method to obtain such guidelines is the investigation of the variation of optical properties such as orientational order parameter and optical and field anisorropies of nematic homologues with molecular length and different end groups of their molecules. For such investigations a number of theoretical approaches are available in literature. However, only two are widely used namely; Vuks' and Neugebauers' approaches which were originally meant for crystalline media but have since been modified for nematic liquid crystals. In this work, an elaborate investigation of the optical properties of five nematic hornologues has been done using the two approaches and some significant conclusions have been arrived at. These conclusions have enhanced our understanding of liquid crystalline compounds and have established the superiority of Neugebauer's approach over Vuks' approach. Recommendations have also been made concenring the possibility of extending such a comparative study to other homologous series, nematic mixtures, smectic and cholesteric liquid crystals.
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