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Title: Assessment of Budgeting Practices In Secondary Schools In Uasin Gishu District
Authors: Kiplagat, Koimur
Keywords: Budgeting practices
Issue Date: Aug-2008
Publisher: Egerton University
Abstract: This study sought to assess the budgeting practices in secondary ir1 Uasin-Gishu district. Studies carried out on schools management point out poor financial management practices. Such practices have been linked to instability, mismanagement of ftmds, strikes, huge debts, misallocation of funds and at times schools running short of funds and forced to close earlier. A survey research design was employed. The population of the secondary schools in Uasin-Gishu district stood at 74 at the time of this research. The population consists of 30 boarding schools, 24 day schools and 20 boarding/day. A stratified random sampling was used to select the sample. Questionnaires were administered to the heads of each institution. Descriptive and inferential statistics were used to analyze data. F distribution was the statistical test used to compare the budget variances and to conduct the ANOVA test. Information from these study is useful to education stakeholders namely the government, parents, school administrators, teachers, students and flie community. Budgeting practices in most schools do not conform to the required standard practice. Each school seems to have its own way of carrying out the practice. There is lack of adherence to the standard practice. The major constraint schools face in fonnulation of the budget is the persistent increase in the prices of supplies. It is recommended that the Ministry of Education should come up with clear guidelines and policies on how schools should approach the budgeting practice. Such guidelines include; submission of budget for approval by the ministry; making the budgetary process open to the public i.c. posting the budget estimate on the notice boards and budget process made to be an all inclusive process.
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