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Title: Factors Contributing to the Primary School Girl Drop outs Phenomenon in Pastoral Communities : A Case Study of the Maasai Community of Magadi
Authors: Kipng'eno, Geoffrey
Keywords: Primary School Girl Drop outs -- Phenomenon -- Pastoral Communities
Issue Date: Oct-2001
Publisher: Egerton University
Abstract: While enrollment is steadily declining in Kenya, dropout rate continues to be high. with over 50% of the children, both boys and girls dropping out before completing the primary cycle. Boys are marginally better than girls, with 46.3%, completing compared to 45.8% oi girls. Statistics indicate that the enrollment and retention of girls have consistently lagged behind that of boys in all districts in Kenya. The purpose of this study therefore, was to identify factors causing girls to drop out of school in Magadi Division. The study focused on the entire primary school cycle. This was a survey study which analysed the occurrence of dropping pattern of primary school girls within Magadi Division. The sample comprised of five primary schools of which: 80 primary school continuing girls, five primary school class teachers, five headteachers, 40 dropout girls, Z0 parents/guardians of the dropouts and two education officers were sampled. This constituted a total of I52 respondents involved in the study. A questionnaire and four interview schedules were the main tools used in data collection. The instruments were refined during the pilot study. Descriptive statistics, especially percentages and frequencies, were used for the data analysis. Results showed that illiteracy. poverty. cultural practices and unwanted pregnancies contributed to girls dropping out of schools, while famine was not a significant factor. It was concluded that if girls are not educated, the society will lose the economic and social benefits associated with the female literacy and schooling. The Kenyan Government should. therefore, introduce community education, especially in rural areas. to educate the people on the importance of girl-child education. Viable and sustainable cost and financing mechanisms in education have to be instituted to stop dropouts from the system. thus enhancing completion rates.
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