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Title: The Influence of Selected Factors on the Effectiveness of Financial Management in Secondary Schools - A Case of Nakuru Municipality, Kenya
Authors: Muriithi, John Muthami
Keywords: Financial Management -- Secondary Schools
Issue Date: Aug-2009
Publisher: Egerton University
Abstract: Effectiveness in secondary schools financial management is an extremely important matter as it influences the quality of teaching and learning. Kenyan authorities and the public in general have expressed their concern over the effectiveness in secondary schools financial management that has resulted in an increase of unrests in schools. The main purpose of this study was to find out the influence of selected factors on the effectiveness of financial management in secondary schools. The study method employed was a descriptive survey design and was carried in Nakuru Municipality secondary schools. The population included head teachers, bursars and HODs of all Public Secondary Schools in Nakuru Municipality. A sample of eighty nine heads of departments was selected through random sampling. All head teachers and bursars from nineteen secondary schools -were included bringing the number of the respondents to one hundred and twenty seven. Questionnaires were used to collect data from the head teachers and HODs while an interview schedule was used to collect data from the bursars. The questionnaires were pilot tested in three secondary schools not in the main study to ensure reliability of the instruments. Validity of the instruments was verified by the study supervisors and other education experts in the Department of Curricultun, Instruction and Education Management, Egerton University. Reliability was calculated using the Guttman split-half test and a threshold of reliability coefficient of above 0.7 was adopted for the study. Data collected were analysed using the SPSS statistical package version 11.5. The results of the study were presented in the form of frequency distributions, mean scores, percentages, standard deviation Pearson correlation coefficient and t — test. Findings from the study revealed that the selected factors identified for the study namely school size , parental involvement, school accounting systems and Head teachers characteristics showed a significant correlation to effectiveness of financial management in secondary schools in Nakuru Municipality. There is need to strengthen and support increased enrollment to increase school size, parental involvement in school financial practices and accounting systems and Head teachers’ characteristics in realizing better financial effectiveness in schools. Insights from this study will enable head teachers handle challenges of running SI schools in the 21 century.
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