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Title: Assesment of Secondary School Physics Students' Performance on The Science Process Skill of Investigating,case of Nyando District Schools in Kenya
Authors: Oyieyo, O,Ben
Keywords: Requirements for the Award of the Masters of Education(science)
Issue Date: Oct-2009
Publisher: egerton university
Abstract: Science, particularly physics knowledge permeates our lives. Science Process skill of lnvestigatirig is also very important in technological development and the acquisition of scientific concepts. According to Kenya National Examinations Council, students‘ still continue to perform poorly in physics due to their inability to understand and apply physics concepts both in real and practical situations. On the basis of these claims it would be appropriate to know the level of students" ability on this skill of investigating. This study therefore established the level of fomi three physics students’ (both boys and girls) performance on the science process skill o? investigating. This is because secondary school students are expected to pass in physics and take active role in the socio-economic and technological developments in the society. This study established that the level of fonn three physics students‘ perfomiance on the skill was low, students perfonned differently on the skills of observation, recording and analysis and that there was gender disparity in students performance on the science process skill of investigating. The study employed cross- sectional survey research design. Two—stage stratified sampling technique was used to select l0 schools and 320 Fomi Three physics students from the entire population in fvyando district. One instrumertt. Physics Practical Test, was used to obtain the required data. The instrument was pilot tested and Cr0nbach’s coefficient alpha yielded a reliability coefficient of 0.784 which was acceptable. Physics ediicaiiwv experts at Egerton University, Department of Curriculum, Instruction and Educational Management validated this instrument. Data obtained was analysed using student t-test, F-test, one-way ANOVA, Pearson Correlation Coefficient and descriptive statistics using SPSS computer program version 14.0 at an alpha (at value of0.05, level of significance. The aitn of the study was to inform physics educators, cirrricutum developers, schools, teachers, patents and students of the capability of secondary school physics students on this skill of investigating. This study established that the level of form three physics students‘ performance on the skill was low, students perr"orrne<:l ‘differently on the skills of observation, recording and at:J:i§,';'i; 1:-..~§ -.1»..~-‘ there was gender disparity in students’ performance on the science prowess skill of investigating. The findings of this study might help improve physics pcrforriizmce in K.(‘.S.E. alld other examinations if the various aspects of the science p-wt‘:-ss skill of investigating are well inculcated into the learners. vi
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