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Title: Impact of Adolescent Social and Emotional Behaviour on Academic Performance among Public Day Secondary School Students in Nakuru Municipality,Kenya
Authors: Njuguna, Mary,Wanjiku
Keywords: Guidance and counselling
Issue Date: Nov-2010
Publisher: Egerton University
Abstract: Records from the District Education office in Nakuru show that academic performance of public day secondary schools in Nakuru Municipality is poor and erratic. Their performance in the Kenya certificate of secondary education examination has continued to drop. Adolescents from these schools ofien come into contact with social activities such as intemet browsing, interaction with students from other schools among others, which influence their social and emotional behaviour which might have a negative impact on their academic performance. This research sought to investigate the impact of adolescent social and emotional behaviour on academic performance among public day secondary schools students in Nakuru Municipality. This study used descriptive survey design. The target population comprised 1,892 form three students from 16 public day secondary schools in Nakuru Municipality. The accessible population was 944 form three students drawn fi'om 5 schools that were purposively sampled due to their large population. The schools gave a sample of 273 students who were stratified according to gender. The study also included 5 teacher counsellors who were purposively sampled. Two questionnaires one for students and another for teacher counsellors were used to gather information. Data gathered was analyzed using, frequencies, percentages and chi-square. The Statistical package for social sciences (SPSS) version 15.0 for windows was also used to analyse data. The researcher established that some of these students engage in social activities such as internet browsing, alcohol and drug taking which could lead to social behaviour such as truancy and defiance of authority. They also engage in emotional behaviour such as boy/girl relationships among others that might lead to lack of concentration on their studies, leading to poor academic performance. These students need help from stake holders so that they can develop the appropriate social and emotional behaviour. The information gathered might be of value to parents, school administration, teacher counsellors, curriculum developers and policy makers, as It may lead to better understanding of the adolescents, improved communication between the adolescents and the adults .The study might also lead to the imparting of skills to adolescents that could help them be in charge of their social and emotional behaviour. This might help the adolescents negotiate the adolescence stage without serious negative impact on their academic performance.
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