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Title: The Role of Conjunctions in Kikamba Conversational Discourse
Authors: Ndambuki, Jacinta, Mueni
Keywords: Conjunctions -- Conversational Discourse
Issue Date: Mar-1996
Publisher: Egerton University
Abstract: In this thesis, the question addressed is; what functions do conjunctions perform in Kikamba conversational discourse? The analysis of the conjunctions is done within a conversational analysis framework, an approach that makes reference to context as a crucial aspect in the description of linguistic forms. The basic objective of the research was to find out the functions some of the conjunctions perform in Kikamba conversational discourse and to describe to what extent context determines these functions. The study is based on the assumptions that conjunctions perform various functions in discourse and that their use is determined by the context. The research was carried out in Machakos District. Data on the conjunctions was recorded from natural conversational settings by the use of a portable audio tape recorder. The study found out that participants use conjunctions to organize, manage information and facilitate conversational interaction. The thesis contributes to a growing body of knowledge on the role of grammar in discourse and also brings out the social as well as the informational aspects of the role of conjunctions in discourse. The study is particularly important for pedagogic reasons because it would appear that teachers should work towards the acquisition of communicative competence for students much more appropriately by use of conversations rather than formal grammar.
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