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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Competitiveness of Kenyan and Ugandan Maize Production: Challenges for the FutureNyoro, James; Kirimi, Lilian; Thomas, Jayne
2011A farm gate-to-consumer value chain analysis of Kenya's maize marketing systemKirimi, Lilian; Sitko, Nicholas; T.S., Jayne; Karin, Francis; Muyanga, Milu; Sheahan, Megan; Flock, James; Bor, Gilbert
2011Productivity trends and performance of dairy farming in KenyaWambugu, Stella; Kirimi, Lilian; Opiyo, Joseph
2014Targeting of Subsidized Fertilizer Under Kenya's National Accelerated Agricultural Input Access Program (NAAIAP)Sheahan, Megan; Olwande, John; Kirimi, Lilian; Jayne, T.S.
2019Sorghum Production in Kenya: Farm-level Characteristics, Constraints and OpportunitiesNjagi, Tim; Onyango, Kevin; Njagi, Tim; Kirimi, Lilian
2016The Effects of Kenya's 'Smarter' Input Subsidy Program on Smallholder Behaviour and Incomes: Do Different Quasi-Experimential Approaches Lead to the same Conclusion?Mason, Nicole M.; Wineman, Ayala; Kirimi, Lilian; Mather, David
2016Let it Rain: Weather Extremes and Household Welfare in Rural KenyaWineman, Ayala; Mason, Nicole M.; Ochieng, Justus; Kirimi, Lilian
2016Effects of Climate Variability and Change on Agricultural Production: The Case of Small-Scale Farmers in KenyaOchieng, Justus; Kirimi, Lilian; Mathenge, Mary; Gitau, Raphael
2017Land Tenure and the Sustainability of Pastoral Productive Systems: A Comparative Institutional Analysis of the Andean Altiplano and the East African SavannahDamonte, Gerardo; Njagi, Tim; Kirimi, Lilian; Glave, Manuel; Rodriguez, Sandra
2018The Status of the Agricultural Sector after Devolution to County GovernmentsNjagi, Timothy; Kirimi, Lilian; Onyango, Kevin; Kinyumu, Ephiphania