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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001-09-01Increasing Kenya's Agricultural Competitiveness: Farm Level IssuesNyoro, James; Wanzala, Maria; Awour, Tom
2001-04-28Do Farmers Really Benefit From High Food Prices? Balancing Rural Interests in Kenya's Maize Pricing and Marketing PolicyJayne, Thomas; Yamano, Takashi; Nyoro, James,; Awuor, Tom
2001-06-25Fertilizer Markets and Agricultural Production Incentives: Insights from KenyaWanzala, Maria; Staatz, James,; Nyoro, James,; Kirimi, Justus; Owuor, Joseph; Amin, Mugera
2020-06Potato (solanum tuberosum l.) yield and quality response to nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilizer rates in RwandaTuramyenyirijuru, Adrien
2019-11Physico-chemical qualities of selected potato (solanum tuberosum l.) cultivars and their suitability for product diversification in RwandaNdungutse, Vedaste
2019-11Gendered analysis of risk attitudes and vegetable commercialization among smallholder farmers in Kilifi CountyMumba, Judith, Matsezi
2019-10Factors influencing the catholic laity in the evangelization process in njoro parish of Nakuru county, KenyaGakuna, Paul, Kangethe
2019-08Relationship between selected students’ background characteristics and academic performance in secondary school biology in Nandi County, KenyaBaraiywo, Stanley k.
2019-10Tridecadal assessment of mangrove cover and cover change in the trans boundary areas of Kenya and Tanzania between 1986-2018Mburu, Fredrick, Mungai
2019-10Security implications of oil exploration on socio-economic activities in south Loki char basin, Turkana county, KenyaKamais, Cosmas, Ekwom