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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-03-21Easy way of making yoghurt at homeEgerton University
2021Egerton launches queen bee rearing technologyEgerton University
2020-07Egerton University 42nd Virtual Graduation CeremonyEgerton University
2021Egerton University 43rd Graduation Booklet: The 43rd Congregation (Virtual) for the conferment of Degrees and Award of Diplomas Friday 18th June 2021Egerton University
2021-06Egerton University 43rd Virtual Graduation CeremonyEgerton University
2013-05Egerton University Alcohol and Drug Abuse PolicyEgerton University
2021Egerton University annual research conference goes virtualEgerton University
2020Egerton University bursary/work study formEgerton University
2019Egerton University citizens service delivery charterEgerton University
2020Egerton University Credit Transfer FormEgerton University
2020Egerton University helpdesk user guideEgerton University
2020Egerton University Masters Application formEgerton University
2021-07Egerton University Nakuru Town Campus College (NTTC) Management Board Meeting July 2021Egerton University
2016-07-02Egerton University Newslink December 2015Egerton University
2016-12Egerton University Newslink: The 35th GraduationEgerton University
2017-06Egerton University Newslink: The 36th GraduationEgerton University
2017-12Egerton University Newslink: The 37th GraduationEgerton University
2018-06Egerton University Newslink: The 38th GraduationEgerton University
2018-12Egerton University Newslink: The 39th GraduationEgerton University
2019-06Egerton University Newslink: The 40th GraduationEgerton University