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24-04Screening for host plant resistance to Helicoverpa armigera (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) in selected chickpea (Cicer arientinum L.) genotypes in KenyaRuttoh, E. K; Mulwa, R.M.S; Ngode, L; Gohole, L; Towett, B.; Njogu, N. Silim; Kimurto, P. K.
1983-03Striga Infestation in Maize and Sorghum Relative to Cultivar,Herbicides, and NitrateMumera, Louis.
1985-12Influence of Cultural Practices and Insecticides on Degree of Feeding Damage by Southern.Laisa, Joseph Saiya
1993The Philosophical and Ethical Implications of Friedrich Nietzsches Moral Philosophy on the Post-Colonial Kenyan WomanKiyaka, Gloria
1995-09Correlation between Pentacyclic Triterpenoid Levels and Gelling of Pyrethrum Refined ExtractKariuki.., Nancy Nyawira
1996The Philosophical and Ethical Implication of Fredrich Naetzsches’s Moral Philosophy on the Post-Colonial Kenya WomenGloria, Kiyaka
1996-02The study of the factors affecting learning of geography in secondary schools in Teso District A case of six day schools in Amagoro DivisionMuruga, D.I
1996-03Availability and use of Economic Text Books in Teaching Economic; A Case Study of Four Selected Schools in Nairobi, KenyaAgwata, Martin Mogambi
1996-10A Critical Appraisal of African PhilosophyMuchocho, Evelyne
1998-10The Concept of Social Change in the Thought of Karl Popper and its Philosophical Implication to Contemporary Society.Musasia, Reuben
1998-11Biofumigation of Fusarium spp. the causal agent ofhead blight of wheat by volatiles from Brassica tissuesOtieno, Daniel Otaye
1999-06Working paper 2a - Evolution of Kenya’s Maize Marketing Systems in the Post-Liberalization EraNyoro, James;; Mathenge, Mary;; Thomas, Jayne,
2001-04-28Do Farmers Really Benefit From High Food Prices? Balancing Rural Interests in Kenya's Maize Pricing and Marketing PolicyJayne, Thomas; Yamano, Takashi; Nyoro, James,; Awuor, Tom
2001-06-25Fertilizer Markets and Agricultural Production Incentives: Insights from KenyaWanzala, Maria; Staatz, James,; Nyoro, James,; Kirimi, Justus; Owuor, Joseph; Amin, Mugera
2001-09-01Increasing Kenya's Agricultural Competitiveness: Farm Level IssuesNyoro, James; Wanzala, Maria; Awour, Tom
2001-11The 12th Congregation for the conferment of Degrees and award of DiplomasEgerton University
2002-03Studies on some Factors that Affect Cereal Aphids (Homoptera Aphididae) Dispersal and Colonization on Wheat (Triticum AestivumNyaanga., Jane G.
2002-08Kenyas population calculations and projections using a numerical approachNyambane, Nyabuto Haron
2002-10Measuring the Effects of Prime-age Adult Mortality on Rural Households in KenyaYamano, Takashi; Jayne, Thomas
2003-03Contribution of Information Technology in Business Process Reengineering: The Case of Kenya Power and Lightening Company LimitedOmbui, John