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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-12Bacteriological analysis of faecal pollution and solar radiation disinfection of domestic water sources within Lake Naivasha basin, KenyaDonde, Oscar Omondi
2018-05Barriers to women’s participation in engineering workplaces in selected organizations in Nakuru County, KenyaKipkebut, Rhoda
2015-03Bayesian predictive analyses for an exponential non-homogeneous poisson process in software reliabilityAkuno, Albert Orwa
2019-04Bayesian predictive analyses for non-homogeneous poisson process in software reliability with Musa-okumoto intensity functionCheruiyot, Nickson
2013-01-01Benthic Macro-invertebrate Diversity and Biomass Distribution in Relation to Canopy Cover and Organic Matter in River Njoro, KenyaMathooko, J. M.; M’Erimba, C. M.; Mbaka, J. G.
2013-03Bereaved students’ and teacher-counsellors’ perceptions of an appropriate school environment for bereavement recovery in secondary schools in Mumias district, KenyaOchango, Margaret Andanje
2016-05Bio control of Selected Oyster Mushroom Diseases and Contaminants Using Antagonistic Fungi and BacteriaMwangi, Ruth Wambui
2014-04Bio-economic modelling to support genetic improvement of dairy cattle in KenyaWahinya, P.K.
2014-04Biochemical and molecular identification of key pathogens causing mastitis in dairy goats on smallholder farms in KenyaShivairo, Robert Shavulimo
2015-05Biochemical and nutritional characteristics of fresh camel meat and traditional processed camel meat (nyirinyiri) along the meat value chainKisembe, Steven Wakoli
2016-10Biochemical diversity of tea germplasm and potential for processing of diversified tea productsMutuku, Augustine Muthiani
2007-10Biochemical variations in some striga resistant and susceptible maize germplasm.Abungu, Risper Adhiambo
2019-03Bioefficacy of lion’s ear (leonotis nepetifolia) and african basil (ocimum gratissimum) extracts against two-spotted spider mite (tetranychus urticae) on french beans (phaseolus vulgaris l)Ogayo, Kennedy Obuya
2014-04A biography of Chief Njagi Kavungura, 1922 – 2000Kithinji, Moses Rutere
2018-09A biography of Samwel Onyango Ayodo, 1930-1998Okoth, Dennis
2016-10A biography of “field marshal” Muthoni Kirima of the Mau mau movement, 1930- 2015Kiragu, Patrick Kinyua
2013-01Biological activity of Tephrosia vogelii hook and Lantana camara L. aqueous crude extracts against golden flea beetle (Aphthona whitfieldi bryant) in jatropha (Jatropha curcas l.)Igogo, Joseph Mukui
2015-01Biophysical environmental factors influencing the distribution and yield of Osyris lanceolata (hochst&steud). Case study of Gachuthi and Kibwezi forest, Kenya.Gathara, Mary Wairimu
2016-11Blood-feeding pattern of malaria vector reveals malaria transmission dynamics in three islands of Lake Victoria in KenyaOchieng, Ogola Edwin
2015-09Body adornment among the Samburu: A historical perspectiveNjoroge, Ruth Nyambura