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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-12David Hume’s theory of knowledge and its relevance to education in Kenya’s secondary schools with reference to Baringo central district, KenyaChepchieng, Samuel Kusetei
2013-03A description of the morphosyntactic structure of the Suba languageOchieng, Lilian A.
2015-10Determinants and prevalence of violence against children in low income urban households in Eldoret, KenyaMugesani, Everlyne Amagove
2014-09Determinants of adoption of improved Amaranth among small scale farmers in Buuri Sub-County, Meru County, KenyaKyambo, Onesmus Muasya
2007-10Determinants of adoption of improved wheat varieties and fertilizer use by smallholder farmers in Njoro and Kieni West, DivisionsNjane, Philis Wangare
2011-03Determinants of adoption of shade coffee technology and the role of agroforestry in the productivity and profitability of coffee in Imenti South District, KenyaIthinji, Gicuru Kirimi
2017-01Determinants of loan default by savings and credit co-operative societies’ members in Baringo County, KenyaMitei, Allan
2015-11Determinants of quality assessment of Kenya certificate of secondary education agriculture projects in selected secondary schools of Kakamega County, KenyaManyali, John Wesonga
2018-09Determination of antibacterial activity of extracts from markhamia lutea, zanthoxylum gilletii and their endophytes against common bean bacterial pathogensWanga, Lucy Aketch
2012-05Determination of benzo[a]pyrene levels and establishment of limit of detection in smoked and oil fried Lates niloticusMuyela, Bramuel
2018-05Determination of Cyanobacterial toxins in Lake Naivasha, KenyaNyangoya, Douglas Nyachiro
2007-06Determination of karate and pyagro residue levels in fresh, black and brewed tea from tea farms in KerichoChebeyeo, Cheshari Emily
2012-06Determination of predator ultrasound parameters and acoustic startle response in the African female Anopheles gambiae s.s.Mang’are, Philip Amuyunzu
2011-04Determination of selected heavy metal levels in underground water and soil and analysis of water hardness sources in Nyatike-Karungu Divisions, Migori District, Kenya.Okoth, Alfred Mazira
2016-11Determination of the effectiveness of trianum-p® (trichoderma harzianum) and trichotech® (trichoderma asperellum) in the management of late blight disease of tomatoesKariuki, Waruguru Grace
2013-01Determination of the focal length of a lens generating aberrationsOuma, Emily Awuor
2010-09Determination of the mechanical properties of a biodegradable thermoplastic – polylactic acid and comparison with those of polyethyleneMuthui, Zipporah Wanjiku
2016-09Determination of zinc, iron, resistant starch, phytic acid and their effect on rheological and organoleptic properties for selected Kenyan wheat varietiesKariithi, Samuel Ngure
2014-09Determining smallholder milk marketing channel choices for enhanced competitiveness in the dairy supply chain in Kenya: A case study of Nyandarua CountyMoturi, Walter Ondicho
2006-01-11Development and Biotechnology of Pleurotus Mushroom CultivationKhare, K. B; Achwanya, O. S; Mutuku, J. M; Gathuru, E. M; Ombiri, J