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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-09-25Machine and Seed Factors affecting Oil Recovery in Ram PressesKamau, J. M.; Some, D. K
2008-09Maize supply response in Kenya: A farm-level analysisOlwande, John Otieno
2016-06-28Making Butter and Ghee at HomeEgerton University
2016-03-21Making Nutritious Silage for your Dairy CowsEgerton University
2016-03-21Making starch from cassavaEgerton University
2016-11Management of Ascochyta Blight of Chickpea (Cicer areientinum L.) Caused by Ascochyta rabiei L. Using FungicidesNganga, John Ndungu
2009-10Management of root-knot nematodes and weeds using different amendments in greenhouse grown asclepias (Asclepias tuberosa l.)Kagai, Kenneth Kinuthia
2016-11Mifanyiko ya kimofofonolojia ya ukuzaji na udunishaji nomino za kiwanga ,Kakamega, KenyaOWINO, AGULL NICHOLAS
2011-01-10Modeling and Analysis of AC-DC Converter PID Controller Optimized with Pattern Search AlgorithmM. M, Kanai,; J. N., Nderu; P.K., Hinga,
2013-05Molecular characteristics and putative functions of reproduction-associated proteins of Anopheles gambiae mosquitoAyehngwo, Achinko Daniel
2011-02Molecular characterization and pathogenicity of melarsoprol resistant and sensitive Trypanosoma brucei rhodesiense isolates from UgandaHugo, Kavunga Membo
2016-05Molecular characterization and Screening of Selected Antagonistic Microorganisms against Major Maize and Bean PathogensHassan, Khadija Nzingo
2006-02Molecular characterization of Bacilllus thuringiensis strains with differential toxicity to Chilo partellusOluoch, Sydney Opondo
2016-04Molecular characterization of trypanosoma brucei brucei and trypanosoma brucei rhodesiense isolates and responses of glossina pallidipes to trypanosoma brucei brucei challengeWanyona, Bateta Rosemary
2011-09Molecular detection of banana viruses in germplasm from selected areas in KenyaWambulwa, Moses Cheloti
2015-10Morphological characterization and response of spider plant (cleome gynandra l.) to npk fertilizer rates and defloweringMutua, Carol Mwende
2016-05Morphometric Analysis of Monogenean Parasites of Cichlid and Cyprinid Fish in lake Naivasha, KenyaRindoria, Nehemiah Mogoi
2013-05Mosquito larvicidal compounds from the plant Fagaropsis angolensis (engl. dale) against Anopheles gambiaeCynthia Muhavi Mudalungu
2010-11Mothers perceptions of selected factors influencing awareness of prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV (pmtct) services in Rift Valley Provincial General Hospital, Nakuru, KenyaNyanchoka, Yuniah Bonareri Bitengo
2014-08Motivation for the decision of internally displaced persons to settle in self help settlements in Gilgil district, Nakuru county, KenyaNDUNGU, FAITH MUMBI