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dc.contributor.authorMbaye, Dorine K.-
dc.description.abstractThe World Health Organisation Framework Convention on Tobacco Control reiterates the global effort toward tobacco control. The treaty seeks to decrease both the supply and demand of tobacco related products by reducing their production and consumption through legislation. Kenya, a party to the treaty, has put legislation in place to the same effect. However, not enough evaluation has been done to explain whether the passage of this legislation has trickled down to the extent that changes have occurred in the farm enterprise mix and the types of alternative farm enterprises replacing tobacco. This study was carried out in Teso district to evaluate tobacco farmers’ responses in light of the global efforts towards tobacco control where the farmers’ awareness of tobacco effects, the types and level of alternative enterprises replacing tobacco and what influences the choice of an alternative enterprise were investigated. Both primary and secondary data were collected, multistage sampling procedure was used, and a sample of 150 farmers selected. Data was analysed using descriptive statistics, Gross Margin Analysis and Multinomial logit model. The results showed that farmers are reducing the acreage under tobacco and moving to other alternative crops. This shift is influenced positively and significantly by land size, access to extension services and distance to the market. However, total asset value negatively and significantly influenced farmers from shifting from tobacco. Further, the study revealed that there are a number of alternatives, especially high value crops, with better returns compared to tobacco. This means that more incentives and support are necessary drivers towards transitioning farmers from tobacco to other enterprises. The government and relevant stakeholders should thus formulate and implement effective policies aimed at reducing tobacco demand and supply identifying suitable alternatives to tobacco as well as creating awareness and providing financial and technical support to the farmers.en_US
dc.description.sponsorshipCollaborative Masters of Agricultural and Applied Economics (CMAAE) secretariaten_US
dc.publisherEgerton Universityen_US
dc.subjectTobacco -- Global fighten_US
dc.titleEvaluation of response of Tobacco growers in Teso District - Kenya to global fight against Tobaccoen_US
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