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Title: Matumizi ya Tasfida za Kujamiiana na Usawiri wa jinsia katika kipindi cha connect cha Runinga ya k24, Kenya
Authors: Chege, Anne Njambi
Keywords: Tasfida ya kijamiiana
Issue Date: Apr-2016
Publisher: Egerton University
Abstract: Sexuality in the African society is a serious and an embarrassing issue and it is not supposed to be discussed in the open. It is a taboo to utter taboed words or the act of sex. Euphemisms play a great role in the way people view issues and the way they construct reality in their mind. They help to reduce the impact of the taboed words that we use. Euphemisms are mostly used and are of different types. Connect is a program that uses different types of euphemisms, but we do not know the types used and what they potray in their use. This research aims at dealing with the following objectives; One, to identify and discuss sexual euphemisms used in the program of Connect of K24 television. Two, discuss gender issues in those sexual euphemisms used in program of Connect of K24 television. It addresses the following questions: Which euphemisms were used in the program Connect and their interpretations? Discuss gender issues in euphemisms used in the program Connect of K24 television? This research used Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA) theory which main pillars are ideology, power and criticality.This research was done in the library and field. In the library there was perusing of books, thesis, magazines and internet. In the field there was collecting of data through observation, interview and recording sound recorders and CDs were used. The qualitative method of data analysis was used. There was analysis of euphemisms that were used in the program of Connect of K24 television. The method of watching and collecting euphemisms of sex from the program of Connect of K24 television was used. Analysing of meaning of those euphemisms and how they potray gender was done. This research showed that there are sexual euphemisms used in the program Connect of K24 television and they potray gender, in that man is potrayed positively while woman negatively. It will help teachers and commentators of social issues to know the importance of using euphemisms instead of using direct languages in their teachings on families. This research is important since it would help in the linguistic field especially in pragmatics and semantics because it concerns the use of language in the society. It will also help scholars in gender issues and researchers who use Critical
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