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dc.description.abstractPreamble: Egerton University, as an outward looking institution, acknowledges the important role that academic and research collaborations play in the realisation of its vision that focuses on the advancement of humanity. The University Policy on Collaborations is therefore designed to focus on and to facilitate the development of relevant and appropriate academic and research partnerships locally and internationally. In seeking collaborations, the University emphasizes on the importance of establishing and maintaining partnerships in which relationships are balanced and the collaborating partners encouraged to derive equal benefit and to contribute fully in joint decision making processes. Collaboration is a valuable tool that not only accelerates the progress and quality of research and teaching but also enhances the sharing of cultural experiences and flow of knowledge. It is beneficial to the faculty in learning new teaching and research tools, and to the students in increasing the breadth of their knowledge and learning different approaches to solving problems. For effective implementation of this policy, it is important that the participants in the policy understand the University's vision, mission and core values.
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dc.subjectUniversity Policy Of Collaborationen_US
dc.titleEgerton University Policy of Collaborationen_US
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