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Title: Women Elites and the Economic Challenges Affecting Their Participation in National development among the Maasai of Narok South Sub-county, Kenya
Authors: Zeddy, Kauria
Hadija, Murenga
Bor, Eric
Keywords: National development
Issue Date: Mar-2018
Publisher: IOSR Journal
Abstract: This Paper Discusses The Current State Of Elite Women Participationin Political Leadership In Kenya Paying Particular Attention To The Economic Factors Influencing Women. Kenya Remains Challenged In Terms Of Ascendancy Of Women To Political Leadership In Relation To Various Factors.Elite Women Participation In Politics And Other Public Offices Is Still Underrepresented. This Paper Focuses On The Effect Of Economic Factor On Participation Of Elite Women In Politics. This Historical And Descriptive Survey Research Design Was Adopted. The Target Population Was Elite Women In Narok South Sub County Of Narok County. A Sample Of 372 Elite Women Was Selected By Simple Random Sampling Method. Qu estionnaires, Focused Group Discussions Guides And In Depth Interview Schedules Were Adopted As The Main Tools Of Data Collection. Quantitative Data Was Analyzedboth Descriptively And Inferentially Where The Frequency And Percentages Were Computed And Using Chi Square Analysis The Results Were Tested For Association. Qualitative Data Was Analyzed Through Identification, Examination, And Interpretation Ofthemes In Textual Data. The Findings Of This Paper Indicated That Economic Factors Deter Elite Women Amon g The Maasai From Engaging In Politics. It Was Established That Most Women In The Maasai Community Do Not Have A Voice Before Men And Therefore They Arenot Supposed To Own Any Economic Resource. This Makes Women To Fully Depend On Men For Economic Hand Out And Therefore They Are Not Able To Stand By Themselves And Engage In Any Political Issues. It Was Further Noted That Men Regard Women As Children From The Social Cultural Aspects Of The Community. Women Cannot Therefore Engage In Any Economic Activity To Generate Their Own Money. Infact Even Those On A Salary Must Be Given A Way On How To Spend The Money By Their Husbands. On Strategies That Could Be Employed To Assist The Elite Women The Study Established That, Most Women Felt That It Is Until The Men Are Made Aware Through Various Forums Of The Need And The Contribution Of The Women In Politics That The Situation Can Change. Most Respondents Ruled Out The Fact That It Is Women Who Are To Be Enlightened. However They Felt That It Is Important To Women To Be Taken To School To Earn A Good Education More So Political Knowledge So That They Can be Ready For The Political Challenge. It Is Therefore Concluded That The Participation Of Not Just The Elite Women By All Women In Politics Is Hindered Greatly By Economic Factors. It Is Recommended That Men Should Change Their Way Of Looking At Women And Empower Them Economically For Bringing A Change In The Political Arena.
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