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Title: The Impact of Political Economic Factors on Television Reporting of Investigative Documentaries in Keny
Authors: Matofari, Stellah N.
Bartoo, Dr. Phylis
Chai, Dr. Furaha
Keywords: Investigative Documentaries in Kenya
Issue Date: May-2016
Publisher: Scholars Academic andScientific Publishers(SAS Publishers)
Abstract: The development of investigative journalism in Kenya is quite difficult to explain but it is clear that documentaries have become popular. However, few Kenyan media practitioners and media houses have dared this form of journalism. For those media houses that engage in investigative reporting, the fact that the production of investigative documentaries requires huge amount of financial input, and high-risk engagements the researcher thought it interesting to establish the motive behind some media houses in Kenya consistently engaging in this form of reporting. The study focused particularly on KTN‟s investigative documentary series Jicho Pevu and the inside Story. The target population for this study were the producers, editors and reporters of the documentaries. Purposive sampling was used to select the respondents who would provide the primary data for the study using questionnaires. Data obtained from filled out questionnaires was then analysed quantitatively in line with the research questions and presented in graphs and tables. The study findings led to the conclusion that public opinion and public interest are the most influential political economic factors in the production of investigative documentaries. These could benefit policy makers and media regulatory bodies such as the communications commission of Kenya, the media council of Kenya and the government in discovering the motives behind the investigative documentaries. The findings of the study could also add to the knowledge on media studies on investigative journalism as well as political communication. Keywords: Investigative Journalism, Political Economic Factors, Television Reporting
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