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Title: Traditional Oath Administration and Cleansing in Africa: The Case of the Akamba Ethnic Group in Kenya
Authors: Muliro, Monica N.
Theuri, Matthew M.
Matheka, Reuben M.
Keywords: Oath Administration and Cleansing
Issue Date: Jun-2015
Publisher: International Journal Of Humanities & Social Studies
Abstract: This study examined traditional oath administration and cleansing among Akamba in Machakos County, Kenya. This study was conducted as a qualitative case study in Machakos Sub County of Machakos County. The target population was the Kamba Christians in Machakos County. Purposive sampling technique was used in sampling Kamba Christians from Mainline Churches and those who participated were selected using snowball sampling technique. Informants identified were subjected to interview schedules to provide primary data for the study. Primary data was collaborated and supplemented by secondary data collected from various libraries. The data collected was edited, coded, classified and analysed. This study learnt of the various ways Kamba oathing (Kithitu) is administered and cleansed like public performance by a religious specialist, Ndundu oath, breaking of the earthen ware pot, swearing on the loin clothes by women, burning and urinating on a piece of wood, pouring millet on fire, and the use of soil in land conflict. However one can be cleansed of the effects of the oath. From the findings, this research concluded that Kithitu has a modern significance and it is interrelated and supported by continuity of other African traditional concepts like kinship ties, belief in ancestors, rites of passage, taboos and community. This research consequently recommended a further and contemporary study of African traditional Religious concepts as one main source of doing African Christian theology. Keywords: African Traditional Religion, Traditional oathing, Cleansing, religious specialists
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