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Title: African Inland Mission and Social Transformation in Machakos District, Kenya, 1895-1971
Authors: Musyoki, A. Muia
Keywords: African Inland Mission
Issue Date: Sep-2020
Publisher: Egerton University
Abstract: This study aimed at analysing the impact of African Inland Mission (AIM) on social transformation in the Machakos District in eastern Kenya from 1895 to 1971. Specifically, the study sought to outline the growth of the mission in the district and how it influenced social change as well as analysing the challenges that faced this denomination in transforming society in Machakos District. Consequently, the study outlines the elements of the Kamba traditional life before the coming of AIM missionaries in the district besides tracing the origin and the growth of the mission in the district between 1895 and 1971. It also analyses the subsequent transformation as a result of the mission’s presence in the district. In addition, the study examines the challenges that the mission faced as it initiated social changes in the district. The study was guided by the following research questions: How did AIM influence begin and spread in Machakos District in the 1895 to 1971 period? How effective was the mission in promoting social change in the district? What challenges did the mission face? The structural- functionalism theory formulated by Herbert Spencer and developed further by Emile Durkheim was used to analyse the role of AIM in influencing social change in Machakos District. The qualitative research design involving the use of in-depth interviews with key informants was used. A target population consisting of local residents, former administrators and African Inland Church (AIC) leaders was interviewed. The study used the purposive method of sampling. A sample size of sixty informants was used. Primary data was collected using in-depth oral interviews as well as from archival records while secondary data was obtained through a thematic review of literature related to the topic of study. Consequently, the study gathered important information on the AIM social transformation in Machakos District in the colonial and the early post-colonial periods. The findings of the study therefore provide important information on the role played by AIM in social transformation, especially in Machakos District
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