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Title: Causes of stress among secondary school teachers in Getembe Division
Authors: Onsarigo, Robert Mecheo
Keywords: Stress -- Teachers
Issue Date: Sep-2003
Publisher: Egerton University
Abstract: Teachers serve ODe of the most stressful professions. Extreme levels of stress might be harmful to teachers and affect their teaching, personal lives and, most importantly, their students. Stress can have a negative influence on schools and thus can pose a significant challenge to the future of education in a country. This study investigated the specific causes of stress, which make the work of secondary school teachers in Gcternbe Division in Kisii District demanding. It sought to determine the levels of stress experienced by the teachers hence making them vulnerable to physical as well as psychological ill health and unproductiveness. A finite population of N = 207, Willi involved in the study. Questionnaires were administered to a simple random sample of teachers (n=I 03) and means and standard deviations were calculated to identify the causes and levels of stress inherent in the teachers. Frequency distributions, percentages and a I-lest for independent samples were also used in data analysis. The most important stressors among teachers were: poor pay that was also delayed. low social status of teaching profession, constant change of expectations and roles in work, the feeling that other professionals disregard teachers and poor student performance and progress. There was no significant difference in the stress levels of males and females and 26.2% of the sample population needed stress management therapy. The study recommends that teachers should be empowered through Employment Assistance Programs (EAP) recommended in this study, to recognize and manage their stress levels. One EAP centre would be sufficient for Geternbe Division. Principals need to monitor sick offs and check them against stress symptoms with a view of formulating a proactive intervention. This study recommends more research on the effects of stress on teacher performance in Getembe Division
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