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Title: The impact of stress management programmes on form four students in public day secondary schools in Nakuru Municipality, Kenya
Authors: Kariuki, Njacinta Njeri
Keywords: Stress management programmes
Issue Date: Oct-2003
Publisher: Egerton University
Abstract: Due to current and emerging problems in Kenya, changes have arisen which have exposed students to various problems. These changes include urbanization, economic hardships, and technological impacand freedom due to the collapse of traditional social systems. These problems are too much for the students to handle, especially when academic work is also involved. Due to these situations, stress is a common phenomenon among students. Day school students have more exposure to these problems, because of the many hours they spend out of school. When they get stressed even their academic performance together with their social and psychological wellbeing is affected. It is therefore important for schools to come up with proper ways of aiding these students cope with their stress. This study was aimed at assessing ways in which schools help students cope with stress. It was focused on the various programmes prepared by the schools and administered to the students, to help them cope with stress. The focus on the students was to find out whether they utilised these programmes, and how effective these programmes were, that is, if these programmes had a positive impact on the students. The study aimed at assessing stress management programmes, with a view of strengthening them and making them more effective. The study was a survey in which form four students in public day schools in Nakuru municipality were sampled randomly, and the research design utilized as the ex post facto. Data was collected using a questionnaire, which the students responded to. Data collected was analysed by use of descriptive statistics, using the statistical package for social sciences. The study found that there is stress influence on the students' wellbeing and academic performance. The researcher recommends that schools need effective stress management programmes, to enable students cope effectively with stress.
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