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Title: A Study of the Perception of Self-Esteem among Secondary School Students: A Case of OthaYa Division, Nyeri District, Kenya.
Authors: Muchiri, Francis Gacheru
Keywords: Perception of Self-Esteem
Issue Date: Mar-2007
Publisher: Egerton University
Abstract: This study intended to analyse the perceptions of self-esteem among secondary school students of Othaya Division, Nyeri District and its relationship to their academic performance. Self-esteem developed in a secondary school impact greatly on the academic performance whether higher or low. In case of underperformance the student fails to pursue a career fit for him/her. This would render him/her unproductive even when he has the capacity because of landing into inappropriate career. The study was a Survey, in which 240 respondents were sampled out of7259 students of public secondary schools in Othaya Division. Sampling was done after stratifying students into three categories; Boys schools, mixed schools and Girls schools. However, it was only 2 L 9 students out of 240 students sampled out that responded to all questions asked in the questionnaire representing 91.25 % of sampled population, while 8.15% failed to respond to all questions asked and some did not hand in questionnaire to the researcher when asked to do so. A total of 136 girls and 103 boys were all given questionnaires. The data obtained through questionnaires were analysed by use of descriptive analyses using Statistical Package for Social Science computer package. The study established that all boys from public secondary schools of Othaya Division had a high self-esteem. Boys recorded high self-esteem than girls and no much difference between self-esteem of students in boarding and day schools. It was also revealed that there was a direct relationship between self-esteem and academic performance of secondary school students. Consequently it was concluded that social interaction of students with other attributes of self-esteem should be strengthened. More boarding schools should be established. The Ministry of Education should come up with a better method of discipline maintenance in schools. There is need to establish and strengthen Guidance and Counselling department in secondary schools where students can be offered emotional and psychological support through professional counselling so as to raise and maintain high self-esteem for better academic performance.
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