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Title: The study of the factors affecting learning of geography in secondary schools in Teso District A case of six day schools in Amagoro Division
Authors: Muruga, D.I
Keywords: Learning of Geography
Issue Date: Feb-1996
Publisher: Egerton University
Abstract: The research study was aimed at establishing the factors that affect learning of geography in secondary schools in Teso District. Six government day schools were selected at random to be representative of the secondary schools in the district. A sample of 120 students, 12 geography teachers and the six head teachers, were picked from each school for the study with 5 students from each of the classes from 1 to 4. Questionnaires and interview schedules were used to obtain data from the students, teachers and head teachers. The data was presented in tabular form and analyzed by percentages. A brief interpretation then followed each table of the results. Research findings were then discussed in detail. It was concluded in these findings that schools did not have among other things, adequate teaching aids, did not utilize field trips, had not enough text books and had poor inter-school relationships among them. Recommendations were put forward to try and improve the learning of the subject-for example, schools should use a lot of aids, utilize field trips and encourage interschool academic relationships for student’s to share ideas. Besides, boarding facilities should be provided in schools so as to save students from working long distances to school. Finally, the research work ended with suggestions for further research in such areas as: “The factors that affect the performance in geography in secondary schools’ National examinations’, or “The study of gender effect in learning of geography in secondary schools”.
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