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Title: Gender policy-2011
Authors: Egerton University
Keywords: Policy
Gender policy
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: Egerton University
Abstract: Egerton University strives to generate and disseminate significant knowledge and offer exemplary education that contributes to national and global development. It is guided by its vision of becoming a world class University for the advancement of humanity. It is in pursuit of this that the University endeavors to close the gender gap between females and males in its Strategic Plan for the period 20092015. This Gender Policy was developed and provides a roadmap for the operationalisation of the University’s commitments and it includes a comprehensive seven year Strategic Plan, which will guide the implementation of these commitments by the university. This policy also outlines the basis for eliminating barriers to gender equality in the university. It will guide gender equality actions for the University in implementing global commitments on gender including Millennium Development Goals. I Wish to express my gratitude to all individuals who participated in the development of this policy and stakeholders who took part in the consultative workshops that came up with the draft.
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