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Title: Development of Drought Tolerant Wheat Lines through Chromosomes Elimination Technique
Authors: Njau, Peter Njoroge
Keywords: Drought Tolerant Wheat Lines -- Chromosomes Elimination Technique
Issue Date: Sep-2001
Publisher: Egerton University
Abstract: Wheat (Triticum aexrivum L.) is the second most important staple cereal in Kenya afler maize. lts production has been concentrated in the cool high altitude areas ranging between l80O — 3000m above sea level. There is lack of varieties suitable for the dry regions which make over 83% of the total Kenya landmass. This study was aimed at developing drought tolerant varieties of wheat suitable for growing in the semi-arid regions through doubled haploid (DH) breeding technique. This was accomplished through the following steps: (i) F1 crosses were produced by crossing three drought tolerant varieties namely Kenya Mbweha, Duma and Ngamia with two high yielding commercial varieties namely Kenya Chiriku and Kwale, (ii) the haploids were produced through chromosome elimination by crossing the Fls with maize pollen, and (m) the doubled haploids (DH) were produced by treating the haploids with colchicine. Twenty DH lines were produced from this process and tested for drought tolerance and yield characteristics at the National Plant Breeding Research Centre (NPBC) Njoro under a rain-out shelter. Of the twenty DH lines Four (DH,l4, DH12. DH,7 and DH1l2) were able to combine drought tolerance and yield and performed better than the higher parents especially on grain count per head and 1000 kemel weight indicating heterosis. Most of the other DHs had their grain weight and number per head between the two parents. There was wide variation between the different DH lines indicating high potential for selection for various agronomic characteristics. Heterosis was realized on a number of characteristics in the DH lines. Through this technique the period of developing pure lines was reduced to two years as compared to seven years taken through conventional breeding methods.
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