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dc.contributor.authorKamau, Patrick,Muchiri-
dc.description.abstractThis research work was conducted in five schools in Thika District. l The research focused on Young Farmers Clubs in the District in order to find out whether there is any role they play, in improving the performance of member studnets. Most of the literature reviewed by the researcher is in line with various Young Farmers Clubs of the world and focuses particularly on the Young Farmers Clubs of Kenya. The lite- rature has been reviewed such that it becomes comprehensive, accurate and meaningful in its context. The instruments used in this research were questionnaires for agriculture students and observation schedules for agri- culture teachers. After their construction they were well validated to ensure their appropriateness in data collection. The information obtained was organised and discussed using descriptive statistics, in form of percentages. Tables were also USwd in data analysis. The conclusions and recommendations made reflect that most schools have Young Farmers Clubs and that these clubs positively influences stgdnets performance in Agriculture. It was therefore, recommended by the researcher that, all schools offering Agriculture should have Young Farmers Club, which should be active and that every Agriculture student should be a member as a matter of policy. It was also recommended that the Young Farmers Clubs should be incorporated in the 8-4-4 curriculum and that more research should be conducted using larger samples around these clubs.en_US
dc.publisherEgerton Universityen_US
dc.titleA study on the influence of young farmers clubs on the performance of Agricultureen_US
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