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Title: Rehabilitation process of juvenile delinquents in Kenya approved schools
Authors: Levi, Lavera Wako
Keywords: Rehabilitation process of juvenile delinquents in Kenya
Issue Date: Aug-2002
Abstract: Since independence the Government of Kenya has continued in the efforts to deal with the problem of delinquents. To accomplish this, special approved schools have been set apart through which concerted effort is made to rehabilitate the delinquents, so that they are re-integrated back into society as useful citizens. This study was focused on the rehabilitation process that goes on in these approved schools including factors that influence the rehabilitation process, especially the attitudes of delinquents on self, school, teachers, the curriculum and teaching/ learning facilities. Results from research questions, in the study, showed that students and key players in the rehabilitation process, that is, teachers, parents and administrators, positively perceived the aim of rehabilitation in approved schools. However, the rehabilitation process was made less effective by inadequacy of facilities, learning/teaching materials, staff, and negative attitudes. Furthermore there were no specific rehabilitation treatment programmes for delinquents. It was also observed that there was no significant change related to the delinquents continued stay in approved schools. Recommendations were made that rehabilitation. being a useful process, should be continued in approved schools. However, goals and policies for running approved schools should be Worked out, appropriate treatment programmes should be introduced, and facilities and the calibre of staff should be improved for effective juvenile delinquency rehabilitation.
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