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Title: Challenges and Achievements in the Implementation of Mdg for Women and Girls in the Area of Education in Rural Kenya
Authors: Muthiga, Margaret
Parsitau, Damaris
Keywords: MDG
Issue Date: 2-Dec-2015
Abstract: While governments and other stakeholders try to improve access, equity, quality and relevance in education, only access and equity partly have a small impact. The progress and the role of the MDG in relation to education for women and girls in rural Kenya reveals that their rights and equality in primary education are recognized and close to being achieved but disparities persist, mostly at higher levels of education where there is poor enrollment and hence low completion rate. Maternal mortality and gender violence continue to be a challenge. Factors like cultural, historical, economical and capacity of teachers are critical in addressing quality education. This creates unattainable literacy development to many women and girls. We will try to look at issues affecting women and girls in literacy empowerment and mobility in relation to educational development in our cultural background. We will bring their own voices to show how education policies that results from bad politics have a deep impact on their perception of identity/ self, and this hinders literacy development. The social and outdated cultural structures hinder them from realizing their full potential and leave a deep impact on their quality of education. Women and girls must have equal opportunities for quality education, employment and enjoyable life in the society. Governments and private sectors should work together to provide opportunities for lifelong learning and skills development thus improving literacy development and capability. We believe change is the law of life and goals are not only absolutely necessary to motivates us.
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