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1.Egerton Journal of Science and Technology is a refereed periodical published in July of each year. The Journal publishes original papers derived from biological, physical, veterinary, agricultural, architectural and engineering research works.

2.Ideas contained in papers reflect opinions of authors and not of Egerton University or Journal Editors.

3.As an editorial policy, original unpublished full papers (2000 to 6000 words) in Biological, Physical, Veterinary, Agricultural sciences, Architectural and Engineering subjects, which advance University teaching, research and stimulate intellectual life, economic and cultural development, scientific and technological progress, and any other related material will be considered for publication.

4.Full review articles (2000-6000 words), which discuss previously published work must indicate the period under review and show originality in the discriminative selection of material for comment and assessment of the current state of research and knowledge in the topics chosen for discussion.

5. Reviews of books published in the last two years before the date of publication of each particular issue of Egerton Journal of Science and Technology will be considered for publication.

6. Short communications (1000-3000 words) emphasizing significant new concepts, methods, applications and preliminary research findings. Acceptance depends on: Research results which are complete but do not warrant comprehensive treatment; Research work which is incomplete and unlikely to be concluded to the point where it would be reported in a conventional scientific paper; Other useful research findings and developments which in the opinion of the Editorial Board would be of value if published promptly.

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-08-31Longitudinal trends in macroinvertebrate functional feeding groups in a high-altitude tropical stream (A case study of Gura River)Benjamin, J. M.; Abuya, D.K.; M’Erimba, C.M.
2012-10Effects of Macrobends on the Attenuation of Optical Signals in Multi-Mode Graded Index 62.5/125 μm Cable at 850 nm WavelengthChombah, . J.M.; Gwaro, J.O.; Nyaanga, .D.M; Kirui, M.S.K
2012-10Epidemiological Factors Determining Clinical Malaria in the Highlands of Western Kenya: Case Study of Iguhu LocationEssendi, M.W.; Shivairo, R.S.; Muleke, C.I.; Yaw, Afrane; Odhiambo, R.O.
2012-10Effects of Surface Tension over a Flow Past a Flat PlateGathia, P.W.; Lonyangapuo, . P.
2012-10Determination of Triumfetta tomentosa B. Growth Parameters and Fibre Properties in KenyaKinuthia, . N. L.; Mathooko, . M. J.; Kariuki, T. S.; Mucheke, W.
2012-10Rescheduling Lengthy Downloads on Bottleneck LinksOdongo, . Y. G.; Rai, . A. I.
2012-10Farmers Perception and Adoption of Drought Tolerant Wheat Varieties in the Arid and Semi-arid Lands of KenyaNdiema, . A. C.; Aboud, . A. A.; Kinyua, .M.; Keya, N. C. O
2012-10Reproduction Inhibition Effects of Neem Products on the Larger Grain Borer (Prostephanus truncatus)(HORN) in Stored Maize GrainsOgemah, .V.; Reichmuth, .C.; Buttner, . C.; Ayiecho, .P.O; Keya, .N.C.O.
2012-10Design and Application of Bio-economic Modelling in Livestock Genetic Improvement in Kenya: A ReviewMuhehe, D. J; Muia, M. L; Ogola, .W.
2012-10Line-of-Sight-Polarized Wide-Band Mimo Measurements at 2-5 GHzMuhehe, D. J.; Muia, M. L.; Ogola, .W.
2012-10Post-treatment Prevalence of Schistosomiasis and Geohelminthic Infections in Children and Adults Living along Lake Victoria, KenyaNjiri, O. A.; Odhiambo, R. A. O; Shivairo, R. S.; Karanja, D. M. S
2012-10Determination of the Bending Strength and Hardness Values of Sisal Fiber Reinforced Polyester CompositesMutai, A. J; Ogola, W. O; Ondieki, C. M. M
2012-10Influence of Maternal High Protein Intake on Daily Energy Expenditure and Lactation Performance in the Laboratory MouseKagya-Agyemang, J. K; Król, E.; Speakman, J. R.
2012-10Determinants of Technical Efficiency in Rice Production in Gihanga (Burundi) Irrigation Scheme: A Stochastic Production Frontier ApproachNdayitwayeko, W-M.; Korir, M.
2020-01Transmission of a New Cowpea Aphid Borne Mosaic Virus Isolatein Passion FruitsKiptui, Lucy; Kilalo, Dora; Toroitich, Faith
2021-02Litter Processing of Exotic and Indigenous Leaves in Njoro River, KenyaAmuok, O.E; M’Merimba, .C.
2019-10Synthesis, Characterisation and Application of Capped Chromic Oxide Nanoparticle(CCONP) forthe Removalof Cd2+and Pb2+ion from Aqueous SolutionOkuo, J. M; .O., Moses
2019-10Clay-Rice Husk Ash based Geopolymers for Remediationof Pb (II) and Cd (II) from WastewaterMaingi, F. M.; Mbuvi, H. M.; Mwangi, H.; Ng’ang’a, M. M.
2019-08Factors influencing Capacity of Beach Management Units in Implementing Fisheries Co-Management in Lake Turkana, KenyaOgoma, M.O.; Kirui, B.K.; Obwoyere1, G.O.; Obura, E.O.; Otachi, E.O.
2019-12Variation of Human and Domestic Animal’s Activities with Discharge in a High Altitude Tropical Stream, the Njoro River, KenyaC. M. ,M’Erimba; Chepkorir,J. K.;
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 44

Egerton Journal of Science and Technology is an open scholarly periodical and contributors are expected to follow formats normally acceptable in their respective disciplines. For consistency in the journal, the following guidelines must be followed when preparing manuscripts: