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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-01-10Comparative Ecological Analysis of Fish Parasitofauna in a Hub- Plot Aquaculture System: Implications for Aquaculture in KenyaE., Otachi; E., Wathuta; A., Magana; M. L., Fioravanti; D., Florio; R., Konecny
2011-01-10Computational Pool-Testing StrategyMwangi, Jesse W; Nyongesa, L K; Tamba, L C
2011-01-10Modeling and Analysis of AC-DC Converter PID Controller Optimized with Pattern Search AlgorithmM. M, Kanai,; J. N., Nderu; P.K., Hinga,
2011-01-10Land and Soil Resources and their Management for Sustainable Agricultural Production in Kenya: Current Position and Future ChallengesSigunga, D. O.; Wandahwa, P. J.
2011-01-10Spatial and Temporal Variations of Zooplankton in Relation to Some Environmental Factors in Lake Baringo, KenyaOmondi, R.; Yasindi, A. W.; Magana, A.
2011-01-10Estimation of Growth Parameters of Indigenous Chicken Populations Intensively Reared in KenyaKahi, Alexander; Bebe, B O; Ngeno, K
2011-03Access and utilization of Agro meteorological information by smallholder farmers in Perkerra and Lari-Wendani irrigation schemes, KenyaZendera, Willard
2011-08Challenges facing effective implementation of guidance and counselling programmes in selected institutes of technology in Nyanza province, KenyaNyarangi, Esther Okenyuri Nyaundi
2011-09Development of a novel dna isolation protocol and determination of the transmission mode of banana streak virus by putative vectors in KisiiMuturi, Samuel Mwangangi
2011-03Determinants of adoption of shade coffee technology and the role of agroforestry in the productivity and profitability of coffee in Imenti South District, KenyaIthinji, Gicuru Kirimi