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Title: Effect of media convergence on brand growth in Kenya: a case of selected medium enterprises in Nairobi County, Kenya
Authors: Kiprop, Eric Kibos
Keywords: Media convergence
Issue Date: May-2015
Publisher: Egerton University
Abstract: Media convergence is an effective mechanism to enhance brand visibility of medium enterprises in the market as it’s varied and cost effective. However medium enterprises are hampered by fragmented marketing structures and efforts which prevents them from taking advantage of media convergence to amplify brand messaging across media sites and channels. In fact some medium enterprises marketers still view paid, owned, earned and shared media as separate hence develop brand media strategies independent of each other. Thus they miss out on effective ways to offer relevant and necessary brand information to their clients and to heighten their level of engagement with the target customers. Hence this consequently constrains their brand growth in the market. Therefore the objective of the study was to examine the effect convergence of media on brands growth with specific reference to selected medium enterprises in Kenya. The specific objectives of the study included the effect of owned, paid, shared and earned media on brand growth in the medium enterprises in Kenya. The research study used descriptive research design in collecting the data from respondents. The target population was drawn from selected medium enterprises consisting of marketing/brand managers. The research study used multi-stage sampling procedure to select a representative sample of 128 respondents consisting of brand/marketing managers. The primary data for the study was collected using the questionnaires. Data was analyzed using descriptive, chi square, regression and correlation statistics with the aid of Statistical Package for Social Sciences and presented using tables. The study established that paid owned, earned and shared media affects brands growth among medium enterprises as they enhance brand recall levels and engagement with customers; improve relations with the customers and other stakeholders who are key to brand performance and facilitated enterprises to leverage on customer conversations and reviews to promote their brands and reduce communication costs hence resulting in brand growth. The study recommends the need for marketers to utilize all of online and offline paid media to increase brand engagement; to take advantage of earned media through the creation of unique content and offerings tailored to each specific target market
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