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Title: Enhancing Access to High Quality Seed Potato for Improved Productivity and Income of Smallholder Farmers in Nakuru County
Authors: CARP+ Seed Potato Value Chain, Egerton University
Keywords: Access to High Quality Seed Potato
Issue Date: 31-Dec-2020
Publisher: Egerton University
Abstract: The CARP+ established a hydroponics and aeroponics units and established the first seed crop here for production of high status breeder’s material through tissue culture technology. The chemicals and reagents for use in the Tissue Culture (TC) lab have already been procured for the PhD student and additionally two research assistants working in the hydroponics/aeroponics unit and TC laboratory hired. These activities will contribute to production of high status seed potato material that Baraka College and farmer groups in the CARP+ and beyond can acquire for further multiplication and Bulking as seed merchants or out growers. This will significantly improve their livelihoods through guaranteed incomes as well as enhance access to quality seed to thousands of farmers across the region.
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