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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006-01Biotechnology approaches to developing herbicide tolerance/selectivity in cropsMulwa, Richard M.S; Mwanza, Lydia M.
2007Assessment of clonal stability of in vitro regenerated shoots of Macadamia tetraphylla by RAPD analysisMulwa, Richard M. S.; Bhalla, Prem L.
2013-02Analysis of microbial quality and safety of camel (Camelus dromedarius) milk chain and implications in KenyaMatofari, J. W; Shalo, P. L.; Younan, M., Nanua; Adongo, J. N.; Qabale, A.; Misiko, B. N
2012-07Antimicrobial activity of the root extracts of Tylosema fassoglensis Schweinf. Torre & Hillc (Caesalpiniaceae)Adongo, John Onyango; Omolo, Josiah O.; Njue, Alice W.; Matofari, Joseph W.
2012Catechols in caffeic acid phenethyl ester are essential for inhibition of TNF-mediated IP-10 expression through NF-jB-dependent but HO-1- and p38-independent mechanisms in mouse intestinal epithelial cellsMapesa, Job O.; Waldschmitt, Nadine; Schmoeller, Ingrid; Blume, Carolin; Hofmann3, Thomas; Mahungu, Symon; Clavel, Thomas; Haller, Dirk
2012-04Effect of Egg White Utilization on the Physico-Chemical and Sensory Attributes of Protein-rich YoghurtGogoa, Lilian A.; Gogo, Kennedy O.; Shaloa, Peter L.; Mahungua, Symon M.
2013-04Development and Characterization of Wheat Germplasm with Combined Resistance to Russian Wheat Aphid and Stem Rust (Race “Ug99”) in KenyaAmulaka, Fredrick O.; Maling’a, Joyce N.; Cakir, Mehmet; Mulwa, Richard M. S.
2013-04Evaluation of SPAD chlorophyll fluorescence for on-site nitrogen assessment in drip fertigated sweet cornKitonga-Mwanza, Lydia L.M.; Swiader, John; Mulwa, Richard M.S.
2006Plant Regeneration via Somatic Embryogenesis from Leaf and Floral Explants of ‘Chancellor’ Wine GrapeMulwa, Richard M.S.; Norton, Margaret M.A.; Skirvin, Robert M.
2009Somatic Embryogenesis of Pathogen- Free Horseradish (Armoracia Rusticana) Plants in VitroWannarat, Wannasiri