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Title: Effect of Egg White Utilization on the Physico-Chemical and Sensory Attributes of Protein-rich Yoghurt
Authors: Gogoa, Lilian A.
Gogo, Kennedy O.
Shaloa, Peter L.
Mahungua, Symon M.
Keywords: Egg White Utilization
Issue Date: Apr-2012
Abstract: High protein yoghurt was made from whole milk, fortified with egg white (30% v/v) and skim milk powder at 12% (w/v). Different yoghurt mixes, with albumin content of 15%, 30% and 45% (v/v), were prepared. The control was made from whole milk, fortified with skim milk powder at 12% (w/v). The blended premixes were pasteurized at 74◦C for 4 seconds, cooled and then inoculated with 3% (w/v) Direct Vat Set yoghurt starter culture at 45◦C. After fermentation for 3 hours in a water bath maintained at 46±1◦C, product was cooled to 5◦C and then stored for 24 hours. The effect of the fortification on physico-chemical and sensory properties was investigated. Protein content increased to 8.50% at 45% egg white utilization. Susceptibility to wheying was reduced in egg-white fortified samples, without significant difference in sensory attributes of the test samples compared to the control. Sensory analysis showed that yoghurt fortified with 45% egg white was organoleptically acceptable. The yoghurt was rated as having better sensory appeal as compared to the control.
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