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Title: Factors influencing customers' satisfaction in the telecommunication sector; a case study of telkom Kenya limited central Rift Valley region
Authors: Korir, Stella Cheraisi
Keywords: Customer's satisfaction in the Telecommunication
Issue Date: Nov-2004
Publisher: Egerton University
Abstract: Telecommunication plays a key role in economic development of country It is not only a dynamic growth sector but is also the backbone of growth for other sectors. This study aimed at establishing factors influencing customers satisfaction in the provision of telecommunication services. The sample used was selected using revenue proportions contributed by the two groups of customers that is corporate and individual customers. A sample of eighty (80) corporate and Twenty (20) Individual customers was used. From the list of 300 corporate customers in Nakuru Municipality 80 were selected using random sampling. The questionnaires were delivered and picked from the respondents premise. A research assistant was located at the company receipting office to serve the questionnaires to the 20 individual customers systematically after an interval of three. A response rate of 95% was realized. Data obtained was analyzed using cross tabulation and factor analysis. The hypotheses were tested using Chi-square. Factors found to be of importance to the study included customer perception, competition. exchange capacity and the billing system adopted by the company. The results depicted customer perception and billing system to have a significant influence on customers service satisfaction. It is recommended that constant review by the management of these factors be made to improve customer satisfaction which in turn leads to improved returns
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