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Title: Effect of employee promotion on job satisfaction; a case of Nakuru medical training college
Authors: Muchui, Ruth W.
Keywords: Employee promotion on Job satisfaction
Issue Date: Apr-2006
Publisher: Egerton University
Abstract: Commitment of employees in any organization is considered a key factor towards achievement of its goal. Human resource is an important asset in the organization and employees need satisfaction with their jobs. The study aimed at determining the effect of promotion on job satisfaction where lack of promotion opportunities and absence of effective criteria for promotion were identified as the problems in the study. Literature review indicates that job advancement through promotion is an essential need among employees to enable them climb the career ladder in the organizational hierarchy and attain job satisfaction. The entire population of 130 employees was studied through administration of questionnaire to collect data and the response rate was 78.4%. Data was analyzed through cross tabulation and hypothesis tested using chi-square. The statistical package for social sciences was used to analyse the data. Findings of the study indicated 44.1% effect of promotion on job satisfaction and 85.3% of respondents did not know the criteria used to promote employees. 65.7% of the respondents did not have opportunity for advancement in their jobs. Results of the hypotheses tests led to the conclusion that promotion gave employees job satisfaction and the criteria used in promotion of employees was not effective. It was recommended that employees should be given opportunities for promotion and a criterion for the same should be established. More research should be done to identify why employees do not have advancement opportunities and whether there is a training and reward policy in the organization to facilitate employee’s job satisfaction
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