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Title: An emperical evaluation of the factors that influence staff resignation at management level in selected public corporations in Kenya
Authors: Kirui, J.K.
Keywords: Emperical evaluation of the factors that influence staff resignation at management
Issue Date: Jul-2003
Publisher: Egerton University
Abstract: The stud) was carried out in three selected corporations in Kenya namely Kenya Railways Corporation (KRC), Kenya Power & Lighting Company Ltd. (KPLC) and Telkom Kenya Ltd -TKL) and confined itself to one form of employee turnover, that is. resignation among management staff. The objective of the study among others was to investigate the factors that influence staff turnover at management level and identification of job vocations within the corporations under study, which are prone to resignation. In order to achieve the above objectives, the study utilized secondary data extracted from exit questionnaires. The sample size proposed was 50 from every organization, but the number ofexit questionnaires obtained was: KRC — 42, KPLC — 39 and TKL — 46. Literature on the findings of various researchers in the area of employee turnover in general was reviewed. However. the author came across no work that has been done specifically on resignation as a form of employee turnover. The data collected was analyzed by use of descriptive statistics. ANOVA test of significance was performed. Based on the analysis of the extracted data. results showed that Engineering. Human Resource, Supplies & Procurement, and Information & Technology vocations were more prone to resignations in the three organizations. Also the reasons cited by most resignees were ‘landed another job‘ and ‘remunerations The conclusion one can draw from the analysis of data is: KRC comparatively has a stable work force. To minimize the effects of resignations. it is recommended that top management of the organizations under study, should constantly review remunerations to minimize staff turnover particularly in Engineering and Human Resources and Administration Manager (HRAM) vocations which are prone to resignations, This recommendation is based on the fact that those resigning because of remuneration and those citing ‘landing another job" all amount to the same thing — quest for money. They should also compare the jobs Resignee 'land' and incorporate their attractive features in their system in order to retain staff.
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