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Title: The effect of automated information systems on the Kenya County Governments operations a case study of Kiambu County Government
Authors: Muraya, Brenda Wairimu
Keywords: The effect of automated information systems on the Kenya County Governments operations a case study of Kiambu County Government
Issue Date: Nov-2017
Publisher: Egerton University
Abstract: Infomration and Communication Technology (ICT) is a very dynamic field. Throughout many centuries it has evolved and improved greatly. The use of the internet has globally received great acceptance. This has led to various organizations, businesses and governments embracing Electronic Practices (E-Practices). Governments have embraced this emerging trend and have automated their processes with the aim of better serving their citizens. Kenya is a growing economy and the global pressure has forced it to embrace E-Govemance practices. Primarily, the objective is to improve the welfare of citizens through the provision of public services and infrastructure through the Local and National Government. As a result, ways to improve their operations are being discovered. Hence, they implemented the Automated Information Systems (AIS) at the county level to simplify their various operations. This study aimed to establish the effect of implementing AIS on the County Govemment’s operations. Their operations were classified in terms of transparency and record keeping as well as supervision while the AIS was operationalized in terms of the Zizi System, the County Pro System and the IFMIS. It employed complete enumeration survey method whereby, the population under study was Kiambu County and data was collected from all twelve sub-counties in Kiambu. The researcher targeted the (Information and Technology) IT manager, Finance Officer and the Revenue Officer in each of the twelve sub counties giving a total population of 36. Descriptive research design was used and the study used primary data to test the hypotheses under study. The researcher distributed structured questionnaires through a ‘drop and pick’ method. The data from the questionnaires was then screened and entered in readiness for analysis using the (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences) SPSS software. Multiple regression was later used to test predictability of the variables given the others. This study determined that the implementation of the Integrated Financial Management Infonnation Systems (IFMIS) has had an insignificant low positive effect on the county govemment’s operations. However, the implementation of the County Pro System and Zizi System has had a significant positive effect on the County Govemment’s operations. Therefore, this study established that, there is a significant positive effect on the county govemmenfs operations as a result of implementing the Automated Information Systems. However, it is recommended that the county govemrnent should increase awareness of the systems; increase the use of IT to heighten operational perfomrance; level up the use of the IFMIS; and level up the implementation levels of the AIS in the counties.
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